My shining star

My shining star

Friday 11 March 2016

My bravest day - a journal page for Wanderlust

Hello lovelies ... How are you today? I hope you are good! I am good and hoping to go for a nice swim and cycle today so I hope the weather is good too!!

In the Wanderlust programme that I am following there are a number of activities - one of them is a journal and whilst I was ill this page prompt came up. 'What's the bravest thing you've ever done?' - well I thought long and hard about this - I went down the crazy brave route and came up with sky diving and back packing on my own, then I thought deeper and thought about the thing that I really had found hardest to do - sadly there were a few difficult memories to dredge through there - but in the end it came down to telling my girls that their beautiful and wonderful daddy had died. My page represents that day for me - the day the earth cried and the heavens gained an angel too soon.

Here's is the whole page - I used distress stains to quickly colour the page - and stencils from Clarity and Dina Wakely and Sheena to create the scene. I also used a cloud mask from clarity.

A close up - the lady is from Clarity, the fence and lampost sheena.

Representing my little girls....

And this is representing Shaun.....

I found this page very therapeutic - but also very difficult. 

Have a great Friday!

Lots of love and hugs

Rachel x


  1. You sure are bravest lady, Rachel! I can understand the pain.
    This journal page is wonderful representation..beautifully done!

  2. Such lush colours Rachel and I need that stencil, such a useful one.

    B x

  3. Rachel. This must have been very hard to do, on saying that you have to me captured your feelings beautifully!!! It's something the girls will relate to later in life. I admire you for how you have dealt with everything, not giving in, determined you and the girls still enjoy doing things, there must be days that are hard to deal with, you just I think give yourself a shake and get on with it!!! Hazel X

  4. Oh Rachel how hard that page must have been to make but a reflection of how brave you and the girls are. A wonderful page which will bring tears, as it did to me, but a reminder too that he is always watching over you hugs xx

  5. I can't imagine how difficult that day must have been for you Rachel, this page captures it perfectly. I love the way you have represented everyone in that moment where you know what you have to do and somehow gain courage from the strength you gain knowing Shaun is watching over you. Mo x

  6. Oh Rachel, how brave of you to share this beautiful & poignant piece of work with us! I have to say there are tears on my face!
    You are a wonderful & brave lady!
    Hugs to you & the girls!
    Dawn xx

  7. Beautiful Rachel, thank you for sharing this page with everyone. I'm off to find a tissue now,

    Big hugs to you all
    Sue xx

  8. Beautiful page Rachel and I know how hard it was for you, you are such a brave girl and we love you so much

  9. Gorgeous work of art, love the gorgeous design, colours are perfect... have a great weekend...xx

  10. I can not imagine how difficult this must have been for you to create but I'm glad that you found it therapeutic in the process. It clearly shows everyone how strong you are and what a wonderful woman and mother too.

  11. I will say it again Rachel, you are a very brave lady and I can only imagine what you went through to create this very poignant page. I am sure that he will always be with you and watching over you all.
    Love and Hugs
    Linda xxx

  12. I can't imagine that anything could be more difficult for you Rachel than telling your little girls their Daddy had died. Your pages are beautiful and I'm so glad that you found it therapeutic to do.

    You are certainly a very special women to be keeping things so much together for your girls, and it's such a short time ago that you lost your dear husband. They clearly love you very much but when they grow up they will understand your strength and respect you for it. I'm sure there are so many people you'll never know about out here in blogland who find you a great inspiration. Big Hugs, Barbxx

  13. Beautiful and moving pages, Rachel!

  14. Hi Rachel, I really do admire you for holding it together for the girls, when my Husband was diagnosed with Lung Cancer I found it very hard to tell my Daughter and Grandson. This must have been so hard to do, it is gorgeous, love the colours. You are my Inspiration on how to hold things together. Big Hugs Marlene

  15. Its such a brave thning to share this with us Rachel...

    big hugs sweetie,

    Diane xx

  16. Not much reduces me to tears Rachel but this did, a wonderful page with so much feeling. I'm sure it was really difficult to create but I'm glad you found it therapeutic.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Such an incredibly difficult time for you and the girls, I think you have captured it wonderfully well in your beautiful journal page Rachel, it is so heart-felt. You are the bravest person I know and you have done the most amazing job - before, during and after that tragic day. I am so pleased that you found doing the page therapeutic. Big hugs, Anne xx

  18. Hi Rachel, well what a special page, so meaningful, your words are amazing.
    I'm so pleased you are able to create such a beautiful project, with such a special meaning, you truly are brave.
    Thank you for sharing this very moving piece.
    x Sam.

  19. Hi Rachel
    You are such a brave special person... Your special page... Is stunning...
    Shaun would be so proud of you and the Girls... You are truly special family....
    I class you as a special friend... Wish I lived nearer to you....
    Big Hugs Sylvie xx

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Here is what I deleted:
    I am up with insomnia. This is so gorgeous, so wonderful and so heartfelt. I have to admit when I saw the 'my bravest day' on my blog I so very nearly didn't come over. I cry far too easily these days and yes I have tears in my eyes. But more than that I am honoured and so proud to have you as a friend, even though we haven't met, I wish I could just reach out and give you a big hug. You are an awesome special wonderful lady and I hope your guardian angel is proud of you and looking after you Karen xxx

    And here is what I forgot to say until after it published:

    I too cry at times when journalling. I think it is good for us but it is something I cannot control nor try to any longer. One day lovely lady I hope we get to meet so I can show you how your bravery helps me and many others xx

  22. Creating this beautiful tribute to him must be up there among the second-hardest things you have ever done. So moving - I don't cry easily but I have tears in my eyes now.

  23. Oh Rachel, what a beautiful tribute...he would be so proud of you all. So moving. xxxx

  24. Beautiful page. I am sorry for your loss. My daughter also lost her husband too soon. He did suddenly in 2011 at age 40 in the middle of Lynda's chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. My grand daughter was 12.

    1. Oh my Margaret - life can be so very cruel - at least I was well when it all happened for me. I hope your daughter and her daughter are both okay! Big hugs xx

  25. What a very brave route to go down with your journal page Rachel, ah, but you are just that, being able to keep going with your two lovely girls. Such a moving and heartfelt piece of work, thank you for sharing it and your deepest emotions, Hugs Kate x

  26. Rachel, I think I only got to know you in blog land when Shaun was in hospital already. All through his illness, his ups and his downs, the hope and then that final terrible blow, I admired how you stayed upright, brave and always, always there for your girls... This journal page for me is the final climax of that journey of courage and bravery, - I hope it was not only a difficult but also a cathartic process.... Shaun will be watching over you and your girls always.... Sending the biggest of hugs, - this page is so beautiful!

  27. A beautiful page Rachel and shows how brave you really were and truly shows the feelings underneath-hope I put that how I meant it
    Carol x


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