My shining star

My shining star

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Clarity Cumbria - July

Hello lovelies - how are you? I do hope you are fine and happy. Things here are up and down - we had a lovely day at Clarity cumbria yesterday - more to follow. Today I have spent with my mum - the doctors think my dad has days at most left - he's certainly gone down hill in the past few days since I saw him last. My sister is on the way from New Zealand. The timing is not good as I'm supposed to be going away tomorrow. My mum wants me to go - and I probably will - just for the girls really - they have been so excited and I don't want them to be sad. Perhaps taking them away from the situation this time is good. I don't know. At least my sister will be able to be there for my mum. Its all a bit of a mess really.

So onto brighter things - Clarity Cumbria with my girls was lovely on Saturday - they did really well too.

This is the first card I made - and here's the ones made by the girls...

Next we went a bit brighter ... we used aquatints to create the backgrounds.

This one is mine - those meerkats are huge!!! Lol! Got my perspective a bit wrong there.

Here's card 3 ...

Here's mine a bit closer.....

Finally it was aquatints again ...

Here's mine closer up ..

It was a lovely day and I think both girls did remarkably well - a few more visitis and they'll be really rocking the techniques!!!!

Thanks for your visit - hope you like what we've made!


Rachel xx


  1. Fabulous cards Rachel, the girls did a brilliant job - you've got some competition on the way!
    So sorry to hear about your Dad.

  2. Lovely cards Rachel. I do feel for you at this awful time and the awful predicament you find yourself in. I think you are probably right to go - the girls have gone through so much already. I know youwill make the right decision however hard it is. Youare all in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs Christine xx

  3. Oh Rachel,thinking of you all,it's tough making these decisions but go with your heart....Thinking of you all xxxx

  4. Rachel, I feel so sad for you and the girls. You have all been through so much. I am sure you will make a decision that is good for everyone. Please take care, I will be thinking of you. Big hugs, Anne xx

  5. Rachel, my thoughts are with you all at the moment especially with the hard decision you have to make. You'll know in your heart what is the right thing to do. Your makes are wonderful, yours and the girls. How lovely that they like crafting with you. My daughter likes what I make but has never shown an interest in doing anything, much less go to a show with me.

    Big hugs to you all
    Sue xx

  6. Beautiful cards from all three of you, the girls sure take after their creative mum.
    So sorry to hear the news about your dad, such a difficult time for you all, I hope you get a break despite the sad circumstances. Take care.
    Hugs brenda xxx

  7. So sorry to hear about your Dad Rachel. I am sure your Dad would want you to do what is best for your girls, and yourself, you have all been through so much.
    All your cards are fantastic, you have got a pair of budding artist there I think.
    If you decide on the holiday I hope you have a wonderful time you all deserve it.
    Hugs Janet xxx

  8. Wonderful cards Rachel, didn't the girls do well. You really must go with the girls you deserve a break, me and your dad will be fine

  9. Lovely cards Rachel. I do hope you get away, it will do you and the girls good. So sorry to hear the news about your dad. Thinking of you all. XXxxx

  10. Your cards are gorgeous Rachel as are those made by your beautiful daughters. I am so sad to hear your news and the difficult decision ahead. Please take care and know I am thinking of you

    Huge hugs Annie xxx

  11. Beautiful set of card Rachel, lovely warm colour tones and fab stamping too. Your girls did a great job!
    Sorry to hear about your dad.

  12. WOW Rachel your girls did a fabulous job on these! They are all gorgeous. So sorry to hear about your day.
    Linda xxx

  13. Hello Rachel, all cards are wonderful, fabulous images and colours.
    I think your decision to take the girls away for their holiday is sound, but oh my a heart rendering decision, but I'm sure your Dad would want it that way. Keeing you all in my heart, Big Hugs to you all Kate x

  14. Great cards Rachel and I watched those stamps on to and thought I like them! I am so sorry to hear the other news and I can only imagine how difficult a time it is for you and thinking of the girls.will keep you all in my thoughts and sending hugs xx

  15. All fabulous card Rachel you have serious competition there lol--so sorry to hear about your Dad
    Carol x

  16. Hun your cards are gorgeous wonderful scenes,but I am so sorry to hear your news hun must be so so hard for you all thinking of you hun take care hugs cheryl xxx


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