My shining star

My shining star

Monday, 12 March 2012

The versatile blogger award

Wow - I can't believe it but Lindsay nominated me for a versatile blogger award - I'm thrilled to bits - I'm almost stumped for words - thanks so much Lyndsay. I think  have to nominate some people for the award too - so here goes:
1.  Gem's crafts over at I found Gemma on facebook and I can't believe the drive and ambition she has for one so young - so I think you definitely deserve the award.
2.  Sharon Callis over at as I loved her designs for card maker of the year run by CMPC 2011 and I love to read about where winning the title is taking her.
3. Sheila over at because I'm always amazed by the range of work Sheila produces - she's one talented lady.
4. Hazel over at because I've followed her work for a while and she provides lots of inspiration.
5. Fiona over at  as she really helped me out when I decided to go down the road of having a blog and helped me to uderstand some of the basics.

I think thats it - I'm not too sure how many I can nominate but I'll leave it there - and now I have to tell you 7 things about me:
1. I ran the London Marathon in 2001 - it took 5 hours and was a bit of a killer!
2. I have an aptly named cat called Mischief.
3. My children mean all the world to me and I'm very happily married.
4. I help run the gardening club at the local primary school.
5. I would love to get on the design team for some craft company!
6. I went to a craft fair at the weekend and sold some cards and candles - not much - don't get too excited!
7. I'm thinking about going to work when my daughter goes to school in September....
So there you have it!!!!!
Thanks again Lyndsay and hopefully all of you nominated people will enjoy being a versatile blogger too.
Rachel x


  1. Hello Rachel!! Thanks so much for your kind words!! I will always try to help anyone if I can do!! It is really nice of you to mention me and my blog.
    I don't do enough on my blog as I should do, but I do update it when I remember to.
    I love how you tell us a few things about yourself, I am a really nosey!!
    I am sure that one day you will become a design team member!! Your cards are really lovely!!!

  2. Thanks Fiona - hope you enjoy being a versatile blogger xx

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks you so much for the nomination, your just fabulous. xxxxxxx

  4. you're welcome Sharon - you're a great inspiration! xx


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