My shining star

My shining star

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Daisy Wreath using transfer technique

Hi there - this is the final item made at Sheena's workshop at the weekend - it used the transfers to create a relatively quick and effective topper for a card.
To do the transfer I first used a round mountboard shape and marked on my wreath transfer where it would lie. Then I painted the mountboard shape using emulsion paint - thickly. Added the transfer face down into the paint and rubbed hard onto its reverse side to allow it to gel with the paint. Then I used a heat gun to dry it for 3 mins. Once dry I used a small amount of water and a sponge to rub away the paper revealing the image. Then mounted it on card from the Sheena CD Rom.


  1. Oh wow hun this is so pretty, love the colours
    Lindsay xx

  2. Rachel this is gorgeous I love the transfer teqnique.Lovely colours I have had a look around your blog The Lilac projects are amazing, my favorite garden flower. Hope you will post some more
    Have become your newest follower.
    Hugs Elaine

    1. Thanks so much Elaine for your lovely comments and also for becoming a follower - I'll return the favour if you're a blogger! Thankyou xx


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