My shining star

My shining star

Wednesday 20 September 2017

My crafty weekend

Hello lovelies! How are you? I am good - apart from having to keep jumping up to check whether or not the cat has brought in yet another mouse!!! Oh my - I've never seen so many! And why do they insist on bringing them in to play with them? I taught my last cat to open the catflap the wrong way and that prevented her from bringing mice in ....but this one brings the tiniest mice into the house that are basically fully in her even if I could teach her the alternate entry method she would still be able to bring them in! I need more thoughts on this one! Anybody got any ideas???

My crafty weekend just past was wonderful. The lovely Sharon at Rowantree Crafts organised a Mixed Media Mayhem. We had Kate Crane and Mark Gould as the tutors. I saw my lovely friend Anne Redfern there and got to meet the very lovely Sue Davies my CVC teamie too!

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Me and Anne

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Me and Sue

We were all in the same class rotation so had Kate Crane on the first day ... we made a small art journal - mine is incomplete - a work in progress...

The cover is complete - the stamp is a Kate Crane one ... lots of colour and layering achieved by brayering, stencilling, stamping and doodling.

These are part of my two signatures inside the journal. They are incomplete and not yet fastened in - I hope to complete them gradually - maybe by following some of the Junk journal junkies prompts.

Inside one of the signatures I have done this page.

Mark Gould's project was completely different and is complete!

We used 7 gypsies papers and added them to boards and treated them in three different ways - crackle, just varnish and dirtying.

Here's part of a crackled panel.

Mark made all of the stars in resin - we treated them with paint and wax.

It really was a fabulous weekend! I look forward to next year!

Big hugs

Rachel x


  1. Looks like a fun weekend and some fab makes

  2. Brilliant makes Rachel, and nice to have time spent with friends

  3. This really was one of THE best crafty weekends I have attended and getting time to spend with friends is just the best, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Love your makes too! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Fabulous projects Rachel, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    One of my cats used to bring in birds and let them go - not much fun having a bird flying around your kitchen pooing everywhere!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  5. Oh My poor you having to deal with mice!! It would have totally freaked me out!!

  6. My goodness Rachel looks like you had a terrific crafting weekend. Your artwork is fabulous colours and designs amazing.
    We don't have a cat flap for Teallach for this reason, I would freak out at critters being brought indoors, good luck with it, Kate x

  7. These look fabulous Rachel! I love the textures and wonderful colours. Great photographs of you with Anne and Sue.
    Linda xxx

  8. Fabulous projects love the junk journal great stamps and layering,ours used to leave dead mice outside the door but have brought live birds in a couple of times
    Carol x

  9. I'm jealous hun. Apologies for my lack of visits, been catching some consistent viruses just as I get over one another one starts lol! Now these look like a lot of fun and messyness was had. I bet your journal will be great once you've finished too Karen x

  10. Wow - you have been having quite the crafty workshop funtime, haven't you?! Fabulous projects from what looks like a joyful weekend.
    Alison x


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