My shining star

My shining star

Friday, 5 August 2016

days 2 and 3 tags - creative chemistry

Hello lovelies - back to the treadmill that is me working through the creative chemistry 103 course. I am so enjoying it and managing to squeeze tags in here and there through the day. I haven't quite finished day 2 as I am lcking a required medium - but hopefully by the end of today I will address that! Anyway I moved on to day 3 - 2 tags down and a third drying ready to go asap!

Here's the tags I made from day 2:

This is probably a favourite - love the colours!!!

less keen on this but the technique was great and very useful.

Here are my tags so far from day 3:

lovely collage technique here ...

beautiful texture paste here

Lots of food for thought from these lessons - and I look forward to incorporating the bits I can remember into upcoming projects - and the the things that I don't remember - there's the technique tags I have made to help remind me!!!

Have a great Friday - we're off to Preston - my mum wants to see maria simms who is doing groovi work at inspirations - so we're going to take her and then I'll sweep the girls off to trampolining!!! Brilliant!

Big hugs to you!

Rachel x


  1. You look as though you're having great fun with the classes, have a great day out too xxx

  2. Great tags Rachel, see you soon

  3. Have a nice day, Rachel :-)
    Your tags are lovely, looks like you're having lot of fun!

  4. Have a wonderful time. Your tags are beautiful and look like lots of fun.
    Linda xxx

  5. Your tags are wonderful Rachel, looks like great fun. Hope you have a great day.

    Sue xx

  6. Gorgeous tags Rachel, so glad you are enjoying the classes..xx

  7. They are all fabulous Rachel, gorgeous colours on the last one.
    I don't know how you manage to fit so much into your days!

  8. These are gorgeous Rachel, I love the colours. Marlene

  9. Oh loving these hun they are all brilliant great designs hugs cheryl xx

  10. Just fantastic tags wonderful colours and designs, Kate x

  11. Fantastic tags, Rachel! You are learning so much! Hugs!

  12. Great tags Rachel the first one is my favourite too
    Carol x

  13. You are doing a great job on your homework! Great backgrounds!


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