My shining star

My shining star

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Coffee Pot exploding Box

Hello lovelies! How are you? I hope you are well - I can't believe we're into December already - it really is amazing how fast this year has run away - don't you think?

Things here at Chez fisher are coming along nicely - the first bathroom is nearly done and the extra toilet is at demolition stage! I am hoping the bathroom guy will be finished by Monday at the latest - I have the decorator starting on Friday - he's starting at the opposite end of the the house - but still - its going to be chaos - and with a Brownies fundraiser on Thursday night and the school Christmas fair on Saturday morning - my poor little brain is fried just now - Please forgive me if i don't manage to get around to visit but I will certainly try - I enjoy it all too much!!!

So today I would like to show you the exploding box I made at coffeepot. Diana was in charge - I have never done one of these before but am thinking it would be a great use of another masterboard if I have time to do one before Sunday! We'll see! But I suspect not!

I'm at a bit of a loss really with this box - any suggestions as to what you do with them???? Please keep it clean!

Have a fun Wednesday!!

Lots of love 

Rachel x


  1. A lovely and colourful box Rachel. Do hope your builders get everything sorted soon.

    B x

  2. Beautiful creation and the colours are just awesome, love it.xx
     { aNNie}

  3. Beautiful, love these boxes and not made one for a while. Good luck with everything going on this week.
    Linda xxx

  4. Your box is beautiful Rachel. I hope the building work goes well this week. Barbxx

  5. Fabulous box Rachel, what a lot of work goes in to them, but what do you mean by what do you do with them?
    Anyway, hope your house work goet done, causes so much chaos, Kate x

  6. It sounds like life Chez Fisher is just as busy and bonkers as life at Casa Mia!!!! I helped youngest to make one of these last year and she put sentiments inside and it became a Birthday card and gift box (for small earrings) in one. Not sure if this helps or not .... ;o)
    Hugs, Helen x

  7. Love your fab exploding

  8. A fabulous box Rachel, beautifully decorated.
    It sounds like you've got your hands full at the moment - I hope all goes to plan.

  9. A gorgeous box Rachel, it's ages since I made one of these. In the past I've used them to hold a small gift and added special details or sentiments to the flaps, I've also seen them with something 3D in the middle....hth! Sounds like your house renovations are progressing in the right direction, it will definitely be worth all the hassle int he long run. Carol x

  10. Oh Rachel you have landed yourself in a lot of work, but it will look wonderful when finished. You will be cleaning up,for days. Hope your things go well. Love your box, I was given one of these boxes by Norah McPhee who comments on Sue's blog when we met up there in Monday. X

  11. Brilliant Rachel, both the in and the outside look fantastic, - so clever!!

  12. Wow Rachel, that's quite a project! Someone is going to feel extra special receiving it! Good luck with all your updating and decorating!

  13. When I make mine I use them to put a small gift or money inside. I make pockets on the inside walls and tuck in the cash.

  14. Such fun, Rachel - I always love these when I see them, but have never tried it myself. This will go down a treat on Christmas Day. Just saw the announcement over at Stamps and Stencils - huge congrats... you're going to have an even more fried brain if you're not careful!!
    Alison xx

  15. WOW, how fabulous and how very special!
    I've never tried to make one, I am sure it involves too much measuring for my tiny ole brain LOL. This really is sensational.


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