My shining star

My shining star

Sunday 2 August 2015

An experiment and a bench!

Good morning Lovelies! How are you today? Hope you are well and happy. We are all good. Penny has been taking part in a soccer sports reach programme this last week and has really enjoyed it. She has been gracing the field today in her pink football boots and socks!

 She is so very funny - funny that she got photobombed here too - she's usually the one doing it!

Today I would like to share an experiment with you - recently I watched a piece that Kay from Indigo Blu did about stamping with the cottage paints onto fabric - once dry if you iron them they are colourfast up to 40 degrees. Anyway - I wanted to try so this is what I did:

I took a plain cushion cover and stamped onto it using stamps from the giant-poppy stamp set and also acrylic-paint-emerald-city-metallic and acrylic-paint-ruby-slippers and acrylic-paint-hot-cocoa.

I started with the border - I found it best to brayer the paint onto a surface and then stamp into it then onto the fabric. I did the same thing each time - then afterwards painted in using diluted paints.

I think the exercise was quite useful and I will try this again - on other fabric.

Why not give it a try? I think its a brilliant idea!

I just wanted to share the bench with you too - I got this in memory of Shaun. I love it.

Shaun used the company (Classic memorial Benches) to get one of these benches when his dad died - that bench is in his mums garden. This bench from the same company - for Shaun - is in my garden - so I can sit and reflect on the happy days we shared. I think I'll sit on it lots.

Big Hugs to you!

Rachel x


  1. I love your printed cushion cover, the poppies are gorgeous.
    The bench you have had made in memory of Shaun is so beautiful and very special, such a lovely idea.
    Fab photo of Penny!
    Have a good Sunday.
    big hugs, Sue xx

  2. Love her pink boots and aocks, makes her stand out. Fab experimwnt and love your bench, such a lovely idea x

  3. Rachel, I love penny's boots what a fab colour, your cloth is also lovely. Yes I can see you and the girls sitting in that bench chatting tomahawk telling him all what's gone on each day. I think it's a lovely idea and such a beautiful bench too. Hazel x

  4. Hi Rachel, what a fabulous photo of Penny :) Love your cushion cover. The bench is lovely and how wonderful that you can just sit and be close to him. xxx

  5. Beautiful cushion cover, love the poppies, Penny looks great in the pink, an Shaun's bench is beautiful

  6. Great cushion cover,love the technique and poppies-loving Pennys hotpink socks and boots and cute little cheeky face in the background lol-beautiful banch Rachel and a lovely idea
    Carol x

  7. A beautiful cushion cover Rachel and a great technique too. Love Penny's hot pink socks and boots, you won't miss her on the pitch. What a great idea to buy the bench in Shaun's memory and so nice that you can sit there and kind of the wonderful things you did together.

    Hugs Sue xx

  8. Oh Rachel lovely everything my friend, from the pink boots to the lovely cushion cover and that magnificent bench seat, what a blessed memory...hugs to you.xx

    {aNNie The Journey Is The Start My Personal Blog}

  9. Beautiful photo of Penny and loving her pink boots. Great idea and love the cushion cover. I am sure you will spend many a happy moments on the bench in memory of Shaun.
    Hugs to you and the girls
    Linda xxx

  10. WOW!! those are some boots and socks Penny, you will certainly be spotted on the field wearing them, they look fabulous.
    Love your bench Rachel, and such a loving tribute to Shaun.
    Fabulous project, it looks lovely, hugs Kate x

  11. Aww Penny looks fab and I love her socks!! fab creation Rachel and what a fabulous bench and such a tribute to Shaun lots and lots of huggles Sue xx

  12. Your cushion cover is beautiful Rachel, such pretty poppies.
    A lovely bench, a wonderful addition to your garden.

  13. Your bench is lovely. I like the design. Enjoy your memories. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. The cushion is so very beautiful. I absolutely love it and first class stamping onto the fabric.
    Rachel, such a touching way to end your blog post. The bench will surely become one of you favourite places to sit and remember. I am sure you have an abundance of happy times to sit and while away the time remembering with fondness and warmth in your heart.

  15. wow love the pink boots and socks.
    Your bench for Shaun is beautiful, such a lovely idea.
    The cushion is great, such a good use of paints.
    X Sam.

  16. Your fabric painting is just wonderful! Love the stamped posies you selected and your border is just great. Long ago I did some painting on silk with Jacquard paints, and it was fun, but I only did the class work. It's lovely when you can combine your crafting and make something useful as well as pretty - for your home. Great job, Rachel. Your Memorial Bench is so lovely. I think you have a wonderful idea to sit in your garden and contemplate the happy times. I think your DH would be so happy if you were doing that...and your little one is just adorable. You can see she's having SUCH a good time. I can tell you are a terrific & supportive Mom. Another thing that would make your DH happy. TFS & Hugs

  17. The images look lovely on the fabric - and I did smile at Penny and her pink socks. The bench is really beautiful - what a lovely place to sit and remember Shaun.
    Alison xx

  18. Love your fabric experiment! It turned out beautifully. Your bench is a wonderful idea and a wonderful way to rest and reflect.

  19. Love your experiment Rachel...and Penny's pink socks and boots! Hope the sun shines so you can use your bench lots. Carol x

  20. Love those pink socks & I totally love your cushion! The bench is pretty wonderfull too! What a lovely place to sit! Perhaps you can use your cushion if it is indeed colourfast!
    Big Hugs
    Dawn xx

  21. Fab piece, thanks for joining in the fun over at The Artistic Stamper x

  22. Thank you for sharing your experiment with a fab result thank you for entering into the artistic stamper challenge.


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