My shining star

My shining star

Wednesday 17 December 2014

chest closure and Bez's card

Morning all! Well thankyou all for your kind comments on my last post and your well wishes too. I've been away from the hospital for a couple of days but will be off there again soon. There was a development last night - they closed Shaun's chest and touch wood - he has been stable overnight. They're going to be putting his tracheostomy back in place today and after that I assume they'll be thinking about taking the sedation off. As far as I know he still has a balloon pump in place - we'll have to see when they're thinking of removing that! So things are moving along - slowly but steadily!

I want to show you today the card I made for Bez for Christmas - I've used an old stamp st that I got years ago from lakeland when they did their crafts - they always remind me of card-io stamps in that they're on a long tubular piece of wood. I also used a TH layering stencil and distress inks.

so quick and I think quite effective - I'll have to remember this one for next year when I'm short of time with lots of making still to do......although I hope that's not going to happen!

My girls did their nativity last night - Penny was Ned the donkey and Lucy was a Shepherd:

They were both brilliant but Penny did exceptionally well - she had a big part!!!! I went to both performances - and the whole school shuld be so proud of their achievement! They're off to the pantomime today in Kendal - I think its thumbelina. I hope they have fun!

Thanks for dropping by - off to catch up with what's happening in blogland befre I head off to the hospital!


Rachel xx


  1. Wonderful news Rachel just what you need for Christmas pressie...your cute girls are a pretty picture and your card is gorgeous...keep positive and smiling.xxxx :)

  2. Your card looks fabulous Rachel and brilliant pics of the little stars- glad you all enjoyed the plays.

    That's great news about Shaun . Keep positive and will be thinking of you. Big hugs
    x catherine

  3. Really positive news Rachel, I hope your visit went well.
    The girls look fabulous, you must be very proud of them both.
    Your card is beautiful, I love the gorgeous wreath and pretty background.
    I hope you are feeling better, take care.

  4. Good news Rachel, keep thinking positively.
    A gorgeously stamped wreath card, very festive.

  5. So nice to hear positive news Rachel, I pray each day is a little step further in the right direction.

    Love the card, I am thinking those stamps you talk about are those on wooden stumps maybe, if so have a collection somewhere. Very pretty car though.

    B x

  6. Lovely to hear positive news about Shaun, still praying for continued and steady recovery. A beautiful card and your girls look lovely dressed for their nativity.
    Linda xxx

  7. Hi Rachel, not commented for a while but have seen a number of your posts. Just wanted to say I really hope this a positive step for you all - you have had such an awful time- I admire how you are coping with everything. Thoughts and prayers with you all. Nikki x

  8. Oh Rachel, that is such good news about Shaun, you (and he) must be so thrilled. Your card is so beautiful, it doesn't look quick and easy at all. Great pics of the girls and it was nice for Penny to have something so positive to keep her occupied. Big hugs, Anne xx

  9. Great News Rachel. Hope you feel better too. Love your card. I forget I have Cardio stamps, out of sight out of mind I suppose. Hope the girls have fun today. Hugs Rita XXX

  10. So glad the news continues to be good. Gorgeous card used to love Lakeland crafts x

  11. Hi Rachel
    Glad you are feeling a bit better.... Your girls look gorgeous... They are so sweet... I could cry everytime a see a picture of them... And there dad so poorly.... Sending lots of Hugs and good wishes to Shaun... We are all wishing him well in Blog Land....
    Hugs Sylvie xxxxxxxx

  12. Great news huni! Whoopie! Still sending positive thoughts and praying for your lovely family hun. I love those stamps - I have one set of them on long wooden sticks and an unmounted set too - they are such fun to play with! I loved it when Lakeland used to sell crafts - they had such fabulous goodies! Make sure you rest well and get your strength back - or else I'll find a way to get up there and take care of you, yes right with me in agony after Xmas shopping lol! Thank heavens for internet - we couldn't get it all so I've paid for delivery and I don't have to hit the shops now - whoopie! Karen xx

    1. Got so excited about not having to Xmas shop that I forgot to say a stunning card! I really would love those stamps - must try to get some more next year Karen xx

  13. Sounds like progress is being made, I hope it continues and soon he'll be talking and eating with you! Beautiful card and cute pictures of the girls, thanks for sharing!

  14. So pleased to hear that Shaun is progressing with his recovery. your girls look like they enjoyed their parts in the nativity. I love your card. I have just found those cardio stamps and will be stocking up on some after Christmas. hugs Mrs A.

  15. I am so happy to hear that Shaun is making good progress and that you are feeling better too.
    Your card is gorgeous, I love the design and beautiful colours.
    Your cards look wonderful in their costumes.
    Sending hugs
    Sue xx

  16. Hi Rachel, pleased to hear that Shaun is still stable and that the medical team are progressig with the treatment. It's a slow process I know, but he seams to be doing well, still keeping you all in my thoughts.

    Lovely card, your right the images do look like card io stamps.
    Love your colours, hugs Kate x

  17. Rachel, good to hear that Shaun is stable and his treatment is going forward, slowly yes but it's for the best. Great photos of the girls, and good their play went ok. Positive thoughts. Hazel x

  18. Sorry forgot to say I love your card. Hazel x

  19. Hi Rachel! Hope all is still well with you guys! The card you have made is lovely &the girls look fantastic in their costumes!
    Sending love & Hugs
    Dawn xx

  20. oh Rachel this is such good news.....the girls look great and I hope they enjoy the panto and you have a good visit with Shaun....thinking of you all xxxxx

  21. Your girls are a credit to you and Shaun in the way they have handled everything. Look at those sweet faces. I wonder if you had a tear in your eye as you watched them with such pride in your heart.
    Slow developments but in the right direction. I hope your visit this evening was a good one with more positive news.
    Rachel, this is such a beautiful card.
    Always know I keep you in my thoughts.

  22. Sounds like lots of little steps in the right direction Rachel, hope you had a good visit today. Love your card and bless the girls...I wish mine were that age again! Carol x

  23. Just popped over from Brenda's blog to say congrats on your win of her candie.

    My heart goes out to you rachel, so much sadness, yet you are so positive. Take care sweets and keep on smiling.

    Beautiful card plus the stamping is amazing x x

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  24. Good news about Shaun Rachel you must be delighted. Glad you are feeling better and will be able to see him now. The girls look adorable. Your card is lovely, brilliant design! Hugs Susan x

  25. Beautiful card Rachel, love the piccies

  26. Wonderful Christmas card. It reminds me I need to dust off my peg stamps too. Glad to hear there is steady progress with your husband.

  27. What a lovely card Rachel! Hope and pray that Shaun continues to improve and that all goes well over the next few days, as always you are all in my thoughts.
    Dawn x

  28. Love the card Rachel and great images -love the pics and Shaun is doing so wellong may it continue
    carol x

  29. Your girls look wonderful all dressed up for the play... I'm amazed at your strength and courage, and that you are here to share at all - though perhaps it's a lifeline too. Love and good wishes to all of you.
    Alison xx


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