My shining star

My shining star

Wednesday 20 June 2018


Hello there! How are you? I hope you are well! I am tired - its been a busy day but I think I have just about completed the scenery for our production of the Twits...I thought I would share that with you tonight!

These are the flats I painted for the jungle scene - I say I - my friend Faye did the tree trunks and bushes but I did the rest. I scaled up the sheena hibiscus flower stencils to get the flower effect...

These are the ones on the left side of the stage ...Faye did the bush here too and the tree trunks.!

These are for the main scene of the twits garden - there is a caravan too that they live in but I haven't got that on camera yet - its mostly Faye's wotk though to be honest - the caravan I mean. I did the entirity of these flats.

These are on the left of the stage - I did the front one and Faye did the rear - she may be adding a broken down fence before the night!

Here's the poster - we are doing two plays - and I am in both - I am old Mrs Twit in scene one of the Twits - my Lucy plays young Mrs Twit in the rest of the play... Penny is the RolyPoly bird! I am also 'player 2' in Hamlette - just a bit part but lots of fun!

Its been a lot of work and to be honest the play itself needs lots more - but time is nearly run out!!!

Big hugs!

Rachel xx


  1. A lot of work has gone into making these for your play, I hope it will be big success. They are gorgeous. Hugs Marlene

  2. Great scenery and good luck with the play
    Carol x

  3. The scenery looks fantastic Rachel well done for all of the hard work that must have gone into it. Good luck or should it be break a leg with the play.

    Hugs Sue xx

  4. Fantastic scenery Rachel, you and Faye have done a good job, looking forward to the play xx

  5. Wow Rachel...fantastic scenery for the have been working hard and then to be in the play as well....I hope all goes well on the night..xxxx

  6. My word how creative you and Faye have been !! The play sounds great fun Rachel xx

  7. You created some great scenery Rachel, I hope you all have fun in the production!! Hugs, Anne xx

  8. Fabulous scenery panels Rachel, a lot of work there. The play sound great fun, Kate x

  9. Your scenery looks fabulous Rachel and I love your poster.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob


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