My shining star

My shining star

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Clarity Cumbria makes from Saturday.

Hello lovelies! I have lots of lovely makes to share with you today from the fabulous workshop me and my girls and mum attended at Lindale on Saturday - Clarity Cumbria. We all had a fabulous time and managed to make a good job of the samples that Jo brought - but we all used different stamps from Jo - just the ideas. Penny even drew her own!

Here are my makes ....

4 Cards I am very happy with ....

This is my fave - a great good luck in your exams card I think!

Here are Lucy's makes ... I think she did brilliantly - the peacock card is my favourite and I think is the best card she has ever made!

Here are Penny's cards - she was having a penguin day! Bless her! 

I think we had lots of fun and made lots of great cards!

Have a fabulous day. Its a special day for me today - it would have been mine and Shauns wedding anniversary - I wish he had been spared so we could have shared more. I still miss him every day and always will. He was a very special man. 

Big hugs

Rachel xx


  1. Sending special hugs for you today ((((Rachel))))) What a creative collection of Clarity cards you have created. I have no doubt you had a fabulous time judging by all your results but I must say the girls cards are my favourite. Wishing you all sunshine.. Hugs Tracey xx

  2. Hi Rachel
    Wowee what a fabulous selection of stunning cards... the girls are Defo following in your footsteps..
    Hugs Sylvie x

  3. Fabulous selection Rachel, thinking of you today see you later, big hugs Mum xx

  4. Oh Rachel a big hug...and thinking of you today
    You all look to have had great fun and make lovely cards,love to you all xxxxxx

  5. Rachel, all of your cards are beautiful and you definitely have budding artists in Lucy and Penny! Penny's penguins are just adorable and Lucy's Peacock is amazing - love the giraffes too!

    I will be thinking of you today.... Big hugs my friend, Anne xxx

  6. Fantastic card from all of you Rachel, especially the peacock one that Lucy has made. Thinking of you today, go do something that you both would have enjoyed and remember the wonderful times you had.

    Hugs Sue xx

  7. gorgeous cards from all three of you and i think the girls did really well!
    thinking of you today xx hugs x trace

  8. They are all beautiful cards and stamps and well done to Penny for drawing her own-thinking of you all today
    Carol x

  9. Big Hugs Rachel! Gorgeous cards and didn't Penny and Lucy do well, loving the penguins.
    Linda xxx

  10. Fabulous makes Rachel, the girl's did so well - how lovely to be able to create together.
    Sending big hugs.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  11. Well what an array of fabulous cards Rachel, both of your girls cards are brilliant, super designs and colours, they really did well.
    As ever your cards are gorgeous, glad to hear you all had a great day.
    Big Hugs Rachel Kate x

  12. Looks like you all had a wonderfully creative day with fabulous outcomes.
    Hope yesterday went ok with your special thoughts of Shaun, you are an amazingly strong lady.
    Huge hugs xxx

  13. What a wonderful array of beautiful makes from you all. It's lovely that you and all the girls, including Mum can enjoy crafting together. I think it's so sad for a lovely young family to be without a special husband and Dad. Big Hugs, Barbxx

  14. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day together Rachel and fabulous makes you have from the day. Lovely time for you all to spend together.
    Big hugs and lovely memories for you all to share
    x catherine

  15. I am so glad you all had a great day. Fabulous cards, didn't the girls do well? xxx


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