My shining star

My shining star

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Mondays coffeepot

Hello there! I am hoping you are well. I am ok - sore back and tired but the most difficult thing just now is my poor Mischief - she's going through it - she refused to eat for a while and it appears to be something to do with anaemia. The vets don't know why she's anaemic and think something is going on inside that we can't pin down. I am now regretting not having insurance as I just cannot afford for her to have more tests that may not even solve the issue. Todays bill was over £500 for blood tests, an overnight stay and drips, specialist food and they suggested if she went off to a referral centre it would be around £2000 in costs. What a nightmare! Anyway she is home now but doesn't seem right yet to me - she hasn't eaten the food I put down for her yet. Fingers crossed she'll eat it overnight.

Anyway - coffeepot on Monday I was in charge - I used a few different TH blueprint christmas stamps....

A closer look ...

All cards were created on a distressed background. The trees are decoupaged up and the soldier and gingerbread man are just flat.

The ladies enjoyed making these - some used the gingerbread house whilst others used the snowman ...sorry I don't have pictures of these!!!

Big hugs

Rachel xx


  1. Sorry you have all this worry over Mischief, we love our animals dearly, but can only do what we can do....

    Love your Christmas cards sweetie xx

  2. 1 love the solider card. Sorry to hear your vets bill was so high. I''m sure my vets used to go on holiday at my expense when I still had my cats. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. OMG! Yes, the vets can be extremely pricey! But I hope soon everything will be all right with Mischief! The cards are lovely! Nice backgrounds for great stamps! xx

  4. These are just them. Yes, vets are expensive, we just spend nearly $5000 to have a metal plate put into our lab...she is worth it though...xx{aNNie}

  5. Oh Rachel I do hope Missy picks up, poor wee soul. Treatment of pets is so expensive and can't always be managed, fingers crossed you won't have to make a decision.
    Fabulous selection of cards today, great designs and colours, hugs Kate x

  6. Fabulous cards Rachel, did enjoy our day at coffee pot, Hope Mischief has eaten her food overnight

  7. Fantastic cards Rachel, looks like you had fun at the coffepot. Sorry to read about your cat, pets can be very expensive when things go wrong, but insurance is expensive when they are fine.

    Hugs Sue xx

  8. Fabulous cards Rachel, I have these stamps and have only used the tree - thank you for the inspiration.
    I hope Mischief has eaten something and is happier today.

  9. These are fabulous Rachel! Loving the backgrounds and wonderful stamped images. How is Mischief doing?
    Linda xxx

  10. I am so very sorry about Mischief, I really hope she is doing much better, or will do soon....

    Great cards, love those Blueprint stamps! Big hugs, Anne xx

  11. Fabulous cards love the images and distressed backgrounds-hope Mischief is okay -when our little dog(on the lead)was attacked by a staffy-off a lead -it was emergency vets as a Sunday and after just an overnight stay with fluids for shock and an x-ray which suggested no damage we were left with a dog with a permanent limps and muscle damage and a £700 bill which thankfully our daughter paid for us
    Carol x


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